AudioLab Audio Editor Recorder

AudioLab Audio Editor Recorder

AudioLab Audio Editor Recorder App Download
Name AudioLab Audio Editor Recorder
Updated on Jan 16, 2023
Packager Name com.hitrolab.audioeditor
Publisher HitroLab - Mp3 Audio Editor & Voice Recorder Dev
Category Music & Audio
Virsion 1.2.997
Size 20MB
Price Free
Requires Android 7.0 and up
Downloads 10M+

Introduce About AudioLab

AudioLab is a powerful audio editor and recorder app by which you do all sorts of cool things with your audio files. You can trim, cut, copy, paste, and mix audio files, as well as add effects like fade in/out, reverb, and normalization. You can also use AudioLab to record your own audio, or to create ringtones from your favorite songs.

It is a great app for anyone who wants to get creative with their audio files. Whether you're a musician, a podcaster, or just someone who likes to mess around with sound, AudioLab is a great choice for you. 10M+ user's are using it right now. It's functions and features are amazing. Now you can understand why people love it. 

What is AudioLab ?

AudioLab: Audio Editor Recorder is an all-in-one audio editor, recorder, ringtone maker, audio mixer, and sound editor app for Android devices. It has a wide variety of editing tools that make it easy to get the most out of your voice recordings, music, or any other sounds you might record with your smartphone. It's Features are to easy. It has a creative interface to engage users for a long time. 

Highlighted Features -

AudioLab is the most advanced, fast, and modern audio recorder, audio mixer, and ringtone maker app which comes with all the features that you have ever wanted!

(1) Audio recording and editing - You can easily record high-quality audio and edit it with a variety of tools in Audiolab. You can trim, cut, and splice audio clips, add effects, and adjust the volume.

(2) Noise reducer - Sometimes we record an audio but it is full of noise. Audiolab has a special feature to reduce noise so that your voice can be listened clearly.

(3) Music production - AudioLab has a variety of tools for music production, including a synthesizer, drum machine, and sampler. You can create your own beats and melodies, or import and edit existing music files.

(4) Audio analysis - AudioLab can analyze audio files to measure their frequency spectrum, loudness, and other properties. This can be helpful for troubleshooting audio problems or for getting insights into your music.

(5) Equalizer - AudioLab's equalizer lets you adjust the sound of your audio files. You can boost or cut specific frequencies to improve the sound of your music or speech.

(6) Recording studio effects - AudioLab includes a variety of recording studio effects, such as reverb, delay, and chorus. These effects can be used to add depth and richness to your audio recordings.

(7) Podcast editing - AudioLab is a great tool for editing podcasts. You can trim silence, remove unwanted noise, and add intros and outros.

(8) Instant Preview - It's most favourite feature is instant preview. It helps you monitor every step of your modification that make AudioLab different from other audio editors, audio trimmers, and ringtone maker apps.

Download AudioLab For Android

AudioLab app is a great option for anyone who wants to edit and record audio on their Android device. It is powerful, easy to use, and free to download but there is a premium version that unlocks additional features.